Give £900

Give £900 and you will have a plaque with your chosen name one of the 323 fixed seats in the balcony. These will be the only permanent seats in the theatre. You will also receive a tour and Donor Board credit.

Essential Information

Each plaque can have up to 30 characters (including spaces)

Your chosen plaque will be in place for the lifetime of the seat. If for whatever reason

the seat needs replacing within 10 years, your plaque will be attached to the replacement seat free of charge.

Position of seat will be on a first come, first served basis. Where possible, requests for two or more seats will be grouped together.

Naming a seat does not guarantee use of that seat for performances.

APPCT reserves the right to refuse any request to name a seat, on the grounds of taste or any other reason. In certain circumstances, your gift may be returned to you.

Due to the nature of the restoration project and the age of the building, final position of seats may be subject to change. If this happens, we will contact you and offer an alternative where possible.